Aseptic model features stainless steel bellow for low maintenance and long life. Stem teflon sliding bushing gives positive alignment and minimum friction. Floating glass filled teflon "O" ring for thorough cleaning.
Unit of Measure

Valve Size (inches)

N/A 2.50

Maximum Operating Temperature (degrees F)

N/A 280


N/A 90

Minimum Air Pressure

N/A 75

Maximum Air Pressure

N/A 150

Body Material

N/A 316 Stainless Steel

Valve Type

N/A Aseptic Cross-Body Divert w/ Air to Spring Actuation

# of Ports

N/A 4


  • Microswitch unit with waterproof cover
  • Cable Coupling - 0.5" NPT
  • Mechanical Switches - Honeywell type 5 SE1
  • Proximity Switches Honeywell type 922 FSI 1.5-A9P-SE
  • Solenoid Valve Honeywell Lucifer type 131M 75.50.8993.488980